Where to find stuffIt would be useful to put another column that describes where the item is common found like graphic cards or batteries... contact me on Discord if you want some help, my name is Daniel Daniels#4550 INDIRIZZO EMAIL There will be a separate page for that kind of stuff, before .10.5 drops
NexxomFor the sale price for each side, list who to sell it too for that much. Also thanks much this helps a lotPlanned™
nonvoFirst thanks for making this its very helpful. It would be better if you also filtered traders and levels so you would know which are currently available for tradingDone
P1keyPrapor now sell bp ammo for bleachHe doesn't
MrBioBRThe Barters could be filtered by the highest profitDone
northofnowhereYou wrote "Can no be accessed from HTTPS:...." Should be "Can now be accessed from HTTPS:...."Done
quest itemsDon't overlap the amount needed numbers with the yellow RAID text.Done
1337cookieFound in raid quest item tracker.Done
1337cookieQuest tracker.Done
1337cookieAdd whether or not quest items must be found in raid. Separate them if some required in raid and others not. Done
mti\_Clean up Useful Stuff (lots of dead links). Incorporate updated low recoil builds
Orbb09On your "Items to Keep" page your column title has a spelling mistake. "Ammount Needed" > "Amount Needed".Fixed
IanSince the last update, with Firefox I need to hit enter after typing in the search term. Before the results appeared in realtime when typing in a word. More important, after hitting enter I do not get the results but the table shows all the default (unfiltered) item changes. Fixed
SotarWould you consider using the same item database to create another section/filter/page listing quest items? As in items one should collect to finish fetch quests?Yes I would. Feel free to contact me via email or trough discord.
JunglurBitcoin can also be found in the Marked CirclesDone
BlueWilsonMTape is a 5th item required for a tool set on Mechanic.Done
guymaybe update this?Done
G3DD0NM870 Breacher trade on Mechanic LL2 requires only one PowerbankDone
AnonymousAdd the date of when the list was last updated. The current version says "Update" and lists a few changes but I have no idea when that update was actually submitted. It could have been today or a month ago.Will do that with future updates
LtDanKOne more thing! I just noticed your site says the MedCase is 10 Bloodkits and 2 LEDX but its is actually 5 and 1 respectively. Thanks!Fixed
LtDanKI think it would be super helpful to add check boxes for each trader and then the levels below their names/titles. For example, it is helpful for when you are at level 2 Therapist but still level 1 for all the others, for instance. Thanks!Done
LtDanKMy last suggestion was cleared for some reason so might want to look into that as well!Will to that
Spacetrooper PriceGoes for 2 BTC not 5Fixed
OlegovicIt shows the 2x Zippo for 1 Grenade Peacekeeper Trade two timesFixed
water + tube = 8 aquamari (hideout food station)Fixed
PopeyeIf you want to put this Barter helper as an app for Android and Ios i will pay for it for sure!! ;-):)
fyireally useful app but the img for your bloodset is broken Fixed
Sweet! Love the check boxes - maybe add a "Clear All" and "Select All" as well as it can be tedious to re-click them if you refresh site. Thanks - keep up the good work!Will do that